Conclusive Consistency of Profits
With the Power of Confluence

A trader’s success is reliant on his access to education, technology, and seasoned mentors. Adaptive Analytics was designed to provide those things to traders of all skill levels, but it is NOT for everyone. This end-to-end solution and world-class coaching model is for the trader who is fully committed to making his craft into a professional career. 

The Confluence Course and Technology Bundle

This comprehensive educational course, technology bundle and coaching program includes: more than 150 hours (you read that right) of exhaustively detailed methodological instruction (NO FLUFF), a full suite of enormously powerful hand-built indicators, and a radically transparent walkthrough of a professional trading system. 

We designed Adaptive Analytics to have a transformative effect on your trading results against your baseline. 

What You're Getting With Your Purchase

All-Day Live Screenshare:
Trade With a Like-minded Community

Tim broadcasts his main confluence screen all day, every day. You'll be trading with a team of dedicated traders all powerfully equipped with the same method, which you can make your own according to your own personal style.

Tim & his mentor Dave hop on the screenshare frequently to address questions, sources of confusion and trade explanations every day.

LIFETIME Access to the
Confluence Course

Hundreds of hours of exhaustively detailed content in 8 categories of videos. Zero fluff, guaranteed.

Every method component is explained in perfect detail. Then, hours of "Building on the Basics." THEN: the famous Adaptive Analytics "Putting It All Together" (PIT) modules, which will help you organize information and execute like a professional trader.

Daily Pre-Market
Prep & Strategy Video

Come to the market each day fully prepared by reviewing a video developed by Dave, where he reviews the overnight session in the index futures, identifies key levels for the session ahead, and discusses possible paths price may use to reach these levels.

Then hop into a live prep session with Tim and his collaborators going into the open.

-LIFETIME access to the Confluence Course
-Subscription access to our massive video Resource Library

Accelerate your learning curve by watching videos developed by Tim and Dave covering key aspects of the market and how the confluence lens provides insight into understanding how price action should be interpreted at specific moments in time.

The resource library includes tools like our proprietary stop loss and position sizing worksheet that will help you manage risk like a professional in any product.

Access To Our
Private Discord Server

Dave and Tim will work with you and the rest of our team every day, starting with a Pre-Market Prep video and then a Live pre-market call.

Futures, large-cap stocks, momentum stocks and more are covered, and the team is proactive in answering any questions you have throughout the day as it pertains to the market and the confluence method. "Wow" moments are frequent in the room.

LIFETIME Access To Our
Indicator Suite

We've worked with one of the most brilliant developers in the industry for thousands of hours in order to bring you this technology.

The long and short of it is: for years we were told certain things were impossible. Through hard work and innovation we've made them simple and accessible.

Start Trading with a back-tested, proven edge

“My execution charts seem like they’re from another person. What you guys have accomplished is absolutely stunning”

- Thiago

“This is the first time I can say I have an idea what the market is doing and why it’s doing it.”

- Alex

“Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to observe true masters practice their craft while learning from them at the same time. It is truly incredible what TP and DH are doing in this room.”

- Chris

I have never met anyone who is so genuinely interested in teaching and so generous with his time.”

- Sergio

“For five years, I’ve been looking for a system with a clear, consistently profitable edge. That search is finally over. Cannot ever thank you guys enough.”

- Justin

“This method is something else. Everything just comes together through the confluence lens: truly amazing watching this unfold.” 

- Chris G.

“Still in awe.” 

- Ron

“This is the first in my trading career where I feel that my success in this business is purely depending on simply putting in the work.”

- Shravan


Professional Approach, Consistent Results

We don't pretend to be perfect traders, but the output and consistency of this system is unlike anything you've seen before.


Frequently Question and Answers

Does the PDT rule apply to trading futures?

No, trading futures does not hold traders to a limited number of trades. This is one of the greatest benefits of trading futures that many traders are unaware of.

Can I trade this method with a small account?

Yes, this system is 100% scalable. Meaning, the system grows with you. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to grow a small account or an established trader looking to take your game to the next level. 

Can I trade this method on any platform?

Our system indicators are customized for NinjaTrader. but we have variations built for Think or Swim and Tradingview. Several of our members have also been successful recreating the suite on platforms such as Sierra.

Does this method only work in bull or bear market?

No, this system was designed to work in any market regardless of direction. Up, down, sideways, this method was designed to take money from the market day in, day out.

Can this method be used to trade more than just futures?

Yes, this method has been back-tested in futures, stocks, forex and even cryptocurrencies.

Will I have the same charts and features used by Dave and Tim?

Yes! With our chart sharing technology, we will share the exact same workspace and charts that we use. There are no secret indicators or hidden charts. You will have all the same tools we use to trade for a living.

But, Don't Take Our Word For It...

Testimonial #1

After seeing Tim Parker’s professionalism and the amount of information he has given to the Fintwit community I decided to join A.A with the sole purpose of expanding my playbook and taking advantage of the many opportunities that the financial market offers

It didn’t take me more than 15 minutes into the first video of the curriculum to realize the professionalism, hard work and passion that they have put into this course. The content is clear, straightforward and very comprehensive, even for new traders. I was very surprised to see that this is one strategy that applies to different environments and different instruments and that it’s the trader’s job to understand the system, see it real time, trade it and trust it.

Within the trading community we hear that this craft requires hard work, passion, resilience and so on, but I was completely shocked when I realized the passion that Dave and Tim have for this career, which, needless to say, makes them the most knowledgeable traders I've ever known. Real traders, with a defined strategy (with proven edge), more than 12 hours daily of hard work, and over a decade of experience can be seen in their results and the ideas/discussions that they develop on a daily basis.

Many strategies are out there to trade the market, and many lack the details of how to trade them. However, the A.A course shows the nuances to trade the system, and within the first week you are set to see the markets through the same lens that they see. The indicators, chart templates, and platform support are all provided, and so you basically have their entire system at your fingertips instantly.

Two weeks after joining A.A. I found out that the system works for the niche I’ve been trading for the last three years (small caps stocks). It gives me a huge advantage for my entries, which allows me to trade them with much less “heat,” and has also helped me recognized the red flags that my trades may not be working.

Needless to say, this isn’t a system that works 100% of the time, and within the system there are non-premium setups or premium setups, which of course give different results. However, this is a system that from what I’ve seen works +80% of the time, but the biggest advantage from my experience is the R:R ratio that it offers, mainly because the entry method is precise and allows me trade with much more comfort. The system works and it’s just my responsibility to take the trade, assume the risk, and let it work.

In my personal experience I’ve never met a group of mentors that care so much for questions, trades reviews, session reviews, platform issues etc. And all that has made the learning curve much easier, their support and care for the group is something that I’ve never seen before, and the knowledge of the financial markets through their strategy is mind blowing.

I am incredibly grateful for what they have taught me and, since day one, I knew the decision to join A.A was correct

- Ivan
Testimonial #2

I have been a student of the markets for over 5 years. I have read the books and subscribed to countless services. Learned a few things along the way but was always left with the feeling that I was only scratching the surface, that I wasn't learning how markets actually work. I have always imagined that there must be a huge gap between the tools and systems that institutional traders use and those adopted by the vast majority of retail traders and retail trading services. But I was not able to confirm that until I came across Adaptive Analytics.

I have followed Tim Parker (@autumnal_city) for a long time, and have known him to be one of the sharpest and most inquisitive minds in the business. One day I noticed that the charts Tim was sharing looked very different from anything I had seen, and my interest was piqued. To my absolute delight I also learned that Tim, and partners, were in the process of setting up an educational service. But if that wasn't enough, I then learned that the other head trader in the room is Tim's long-time mentor, Dave, whom Tim speaks of as someone who has reached an elite or master level of trading and who has been crushing markets for 15+ years.

Today I can confidently say, without exaggeration, that I have learned more in the past 2 months, since joining Adaptive Analytics, than I have in my entire trading life. The wealth of knowledge that I have found here, the method and the tools and technology available are what I always imagined a professional trading education might look like. The educational videos are rich with examples of the system applied in real time. The pre-market prep videos from Dave are not only an essential guide for the day ahead but a fundamental education, and an opportunity to learn to see the markets, and their key levels, the way Dave sees them. The all-day commentary and guidance in the room, formatted as a learning environment where traders are encouraged to ask questions, is indispensable.

I have personally found a mentor in Tim, and a friend, and I have never met anyone who is so genuinely interested in teaching and so generous with his time. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how important the one-on-one chats have been for me. To have someone tell me what I'm doing well, and not so well, the areas to focus on, and to hear that my shortcomings are not unique, that it's part of the process... so critical to helping me persevere and reset to the right frame of mind. There is an open invitation in the room, from both Dave and Tim, to have them review our execution charts. I hesitated at first, mostly shame driven, but the leaps and bounds that have come out of those sessions, for me, compel me to encourage anyone joining the service to take full advantage. This feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Testimonial #3

Adaptive Analytics has provided me with a system that makes me feel success is dependent on work not on random user discretion. Adaptive Analytics uses system-generated levels and information to provide quality buy and sell locations in any instrument.

By utilizing this system, you will quickly find that the system is often in front of the majority of market reversal as well as continuation moves. The key difference between Adaptive Analytics and other "systems" that are out there is that true thought and manpower has gone into the development.

The system today is not what it was years ago. It's constantly evolving and getting better with time and energy. Tim and Dave have put a lot of effort into how business is done and you can see it in the efficacy of the signals in real-time. Forever grateful to them for sharing this gold mine with us.

- Shravan
Testimonial #4

What Tim and Dave are building with Adaptive Analytics is a committed and deliberate team. A group of traders all trading one specific methodological trading system, with the same goals in mind.

The course curriculum is what allows us all to develop the skill sets and knowledge behind this system, and the custom-built indicator suite gives us the technology to then trade the system. Adaptive Analytics is not the typical ‘chat room,’ it is a professional place with real mentorship.

If this is the path you want to go down as a career, I highly suggest to make the commitment: having a team like this behind you is truly a blessing.

- Aaron