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How Do I Get AVWAPs on My Charts?

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A commonly asked question we receive is how to put anchored vwaps on our charts. AVWAPs are part of the indicator bundle BUT the avwap is actually a drawing tool. You can go about putting it on your charts two ways: Point and Click or Hot Keys.

Point and Click

Simply click the drawing icon on the toolbar at the top of your chart and look toward the bottom for NXP AnchoredVWAP. Ta-da!

Hot Keys

Step One: Open your tools tab in your NT control center and select Hot Keys.

Step Two: Choose the Chart category and scroll all the way down to the bottom until you see NXP AnchoredVWAP.

Once you set that hot key, press apply and close out the window. You can now plot avwaps on your chart using the key(s) defined in Hot Keys.

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