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How Do I Update My Micro Futures Charts For a New Contract Roll?

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When contracts roll, you may experience many of your futures charts are still reflecting the old contracts. This can be easily fixed in several ways

Using the Rollover Button

The easiest method for updating all your futures charts is to use Ninjatrader’s built-in Rollover feature. Please note, THIS IS NOT THEIR AUTO-ROLL FEATURE. We strongly advise against enabling the auto-roll feature. Simply navigate to your Ninjatrader control center. Click on Tools > Database Management and click the rollover button. Any contracts that can be rolled at that time will be listed in the box above the button. Make sure to roll contracts only when Dave and Tim indicate to do so. This way, your charts will continue to match theirs.

Updating Your Charts Manually

If you would like to update your charts manually or if you accidentally rolled your charts too soon. Here is how to do it manually. It helps to understand how these charts are structured. Using the micros template, the micro chart is hidden and overlayed with the underlying instrument. For example: MNQ is hidden on the chart, and NQ is the visable dataset. Doing this allows you to trade either the micro or mini contract from the chart, while ensuring the proper calculations are being made such as avwap from the main instrument, in this example would be NQ.

Step One: Click any where on your chart and type the name of the micro contract you would like to use. For example:

Step Two: Click on the visible dataset ( the candles) on your chart, and you will notice that the instrument has changed from the micro to the mini. MNQ becomes NQ. Once you have verified this, simply type the name if the mini contract you would like to use, such as:

And that’s it! You are now trading with the most recent contracts.

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